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Carex tumulicola - Xera Plants- hand soap liquid carex tumulicola vs carex divulsa sizeer parduotuve ,Clumps are dense but expand with a pronounced weeping habit. To 8″ tall x 18″ wide for each individual plant. Good massed or as a lawn substitute. Takes mowing if its limited to once a year. Regular irrigation keeps it green and happy. Summer drought sees blades of tan as well as green and not so verdant. It does not run nor become a ..arex tumulicola - Foothill Sedge | Western Star …This clumping sedge is known as Carex tumulicola or, more commonly as, Foothill Sedge. Reaching an average landscape size of 1′ high by 2-3′ wide, this plant is a California Native and can withstand drought-like conditions. During …

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About Foothill Sedge (Carex tumulicola) 36 Nurseries Carry This Plant Add to My Plant List; Foothill Sedge (Carex tumulicola) is a native grass-like herb in the Cyperaceae (Sedge) family that is found primarily along the coast from Humboldt County to San Luis Obispo County and on the Channel Island.It tends to grow in meadows and open places, at elevations from sea level …

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Carex Tumulicola 'Divulsa'. $ 73.00. Berkley Sedge, or Carex Tumulicola Divulsa, is grass-like and perfect for walkways. A highly adaptable plant with a nice clumping growth habit. Whether you line a path or create a sea of grass, this Carex is versatile. It's drought resistant but can also handle periods when it's wet.

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Carex divulsa Stokes subsp. divulsa. NATURALIZED Habit: Cespitose. Leaf: blade 2--3.5 mm wide. ... You can change the display of the base map layer control box in the upper right-hand corner. 2. County and Jepson Region polygons can be turned off and on using the check boxes. (Note: any qualifiers in the taxon distribution description, such as ...

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Género: Carex. Especie: muricata subsp. divulsa. Familia: Ciperáceas. Distribución natural: Se extiende ampliamente por toda Europa, excepto algunos países de la Europa oriental, llegando hasta Suecia y Noruega. General en la Península Ibérica. Vive en matorrales espinosos nitrófilos húmedos de las regiones mediterráneas y del piso ...

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Carex divulsa KARE-ex dih-VUL-sah. This sedge is one of the most adaptable of the ground-cover grasses. Its ability to look the same in sun or shade makes it a valuable asset in plantings that go in and out of full sun. Berkeley sedge is a good solution for areas under stress where lawn grasses often fail. The flowers are not particularly ...

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Carex tumulicola (Berkeley Sedge) Grass. Berkeley sedge occurs in arid areas from Washington to central California. The dark green foliage forms arching clumps. The small brown flowers are not showy, but provide some textural interest. This plant spreads slowly from rhizomes. Use either in an unmowed, natural form, or as a lawn substitute.

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I picked Carex divulsa up in Arizona in 2003, where it was widely sold, grown, and promoted as the California native Carex tumulicola until it was finally outed as the European Carex divulsa. Despite the mixup, Carex divulsa is a …

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Mardi au vendredi de 08.00h-12.00h et 13.00h-17.30h. Samedi de 08.00h-16.00h. Fermé le dimanche, lundi et les jours fériés.


Carex divulsaThe Berkeley Sedge. Native to Europe. This dark green clumping sedge is one of the best, most versatile and manageable of the ground cover sedges for making meadows. Growing to 12 – 18 inches, it can be kept lower with occasional cutting. Tolerant of sun, clay or sand, this sedge is the workhorse of many meadows I make. Evergreen ...

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Jul 05, 2017·You’ll find updated plant descriptions and more photos, but the best part is a new comparison chart. It outlines habit, spreading tendency, foliage texture, and other key characteristics like height and hardiness zone. This side-by-side comparison will help you choose the sedges that best fit your project or growing program.

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Carex divulsa (Grey sedge) will reach a height of 0.5m and a spread of 0.75m after 2-5 years. Suggested uses. Rock, Low Maintenance, Ground Cover, Drought Tolerant, Cottage/Informal, Containers, City, Beds and borders. Cultivation. Will grow in most soil conditions in full sun or partial shade. Tolerates full shade and light foot traffic.

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foothill sedge. Habit: Carex tumulicola is an evergreen sedge with a bunching habit. Its dense green tufts grow up to 2 feet tall and spread slowly by rhizomes during its lifetime. Stems are long and sharply triangular, similar to other …

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Very versatile in its use. Good ground cover under trees; tolerates abuse. Inconspicuous greenish flowers aging to brown. Attracts butterflies. Height: 18-24". Spread: 18-24". Exposure: sun or shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z4. (we have been selling this plant as Carex species - Berkeley Sedge, for the last few years).

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Carex divulsa [C. tumulicola, Hort.] - (European Grey Sedge) - This non-native sedge is an evergreen grass-like plant that forms arching clumps, 12-18 inches tall by 2 feet wide. It is a very versatile plant for use in coastal full sun to fairly deep shade. It tolerates boggy wet soils but is also fairly drought tolerant once established.

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Carex divulsa. The RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM) helps gardeners choose the best plants for their garden. RHS Plants for Pollinators plants. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects. It is included in an evolving list of plants carefully researched and chosen by RHS experts.

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Carex divulsa Stokes. Grassland sedge Carex divulsa, a monocot, is a ... is a perennial grasslike herb that is not native to California. Note:This plant was widely sold as Carex tumulicola (a native carex) in the California nursery trade. Plant Range. Observation Search (55 records) Plant Characteristics. Photos from Calflora / CalPhotos ...

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Digging Dog Nursery. A retail and mail-order plant nursery specializing in unusual and hard-to-find perennials, ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees, and vines. 31101 Middle Ridge Road. Albion, CA 95410. (707) 937-1130 (phone) (707) 937-2480 (fax) businessdiggingdog. 2022 Catalog. Order the 2022 Catalog printed on genuine paper for $2.

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Very versatile in its use. Good ground cover under trees; tolerates abuse. Inconspicuous greenish flowers aging to brown. Attracts butterflies. Height: 18-24". Spread: 18-24". Exposure: sun or shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z4. (we have been selling this plant as Carex species - Berkeley Sedge, for the last few years).

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We favor Berkeley Sedge for its lush meadow look. Ranging from Washington to California's Monterey coast, this western native's deep green and lustrous, thin evergreen blades elegantly arch out from a clumping base and yield inconspicuous brownish blooms held by lax, wiry stems. Once established, the fast growing and versatile Carex divulsa can ...

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Apr 07, 2022·Carex tumulicola foothill sedge This is the TRUE Carex tumulicola, the foothill sedge, not to be confused with the so called Berkeley sedge which is correctly identified as Carex divulsa and is non-native AND invasive. Foothill sedge has a wide distribution in California and north to Washington.

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Mar 21, 2011·Carex divulsa will be spreading in Californa. One only has to visit the planting beds in the vicinity of the UC Santa Cruz Science Library to witness this: these plants are now, perhaps 8 yr after coming out of a 1-gallon can, clumps to 2 feet diameter and spreading babies about with abject rapaciousness. Posted by Dean Wm. Taylor at 3:58 PM.

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Carex divulsa was included as a candidate plant in the 2014 and 2015 nursery surveys. It was found at 6% of nurseries in 2014 and 6.5% of nurseries in 2015. When it was surveyed for, it had a High Risk PRE score. When the method for answering some PRE questions was updated, the plant was re-evaluated and had a Low Risk rating.

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Carex tumulicola (C. divulsa) Berkeley Sedge. In stock. SKU. CAR-TUM-90963. Clumping, arching sedge with lustrous, dark green leaves. Moderately frost hardy. Use in meadow gardens, as specimen or in small groupings, in bogs, edges of ponds, or as ground cover. Item Size.